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  • Monday ,01 December 2014

Nov 28 clashes: bomb blast at Al-Azhar Bridge


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Monday ,01 December 2014

Nov 28 clashes: bomb blast at Al-Azhar Bridge

Wide-ranging protests are expected Friday after weeks of calls by the Salafist Front, supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, although such protests have been rejected by the majority of other Islamist and secular currents. Security forces have warned the public to the vigilant against violence, and have announced they will ramp up their presence to protect key public institutions.Wide-ranging protests are expected Friday after weeks of calls by the Salafist Front, supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, although such protests have been rejected by the majority of other Islamist and secular currents. Security forces have warned the public to the vigilant against violence, and have announced they will ramp up their presence to protect key public institutions.

Here is the latest:
17:10- The Health Ministry reports that at least three people have been killed and 14 injured as a result of mass protests called for by Islamists Friday. At least two of the dead are military or security officers. One of them was a naval officer who died of gunshot wounds in Alexandria and the other has been identified as a police officer.
17:00- Three alleged gunmen were arrested in Alexandria after engaging in a gun battle with security forces. Earlier, a naval officer was killed by gunfire in Alexandria.
16:42- A bomb blast took place near Al-Azhar Bridge. Youm7 reported the bomb was thrown by two men riding in a car in the Al-Mosky area. Police officers succeeded in arresting the two suspects shortly after the blast, and no one was hurt.
16:10- A naval officer was killed in Alexandria after unidentified persons atop buildings overlooking the Shatby Corniche shot at security forces below. A a gunfire exchange between security forces and unidentified shooters is ongoing while the police search the area, Youm7 reported.
15:00- 12 “terrorists” were arrested in Matariya.
14:50- Two explosive devices—one at Abdel Moneim Riyad Square near Tahrir Square and another inside the bag of a man on a motorbike on the Ring Road leading to Mohandiseen in Cairo—detonated, Youm7 reported.
14:42- Six people, including four policemen, were injured after an explosive device detonated near a police vehicle in Sharqia in the Nile Delta, Aswat Masriya reported.
14:40- Police arrested 25 protesters for attempting to block a road in Montazah, Alexandria.
14:20- Death toll in Matariya clashes reaches three, deputy Matariya Police Station head Ahmed Salem told Reuters. The identities of the victims are not yet available, but according to Matariya Hospital, three dead bodies have been received, Salem said.
14:06- Trains from Cairo to Alexandria stopped after a “foreign object” was reported on top of a pedestrian bridge between Qaha and Toukh train stations. Explosives experts will examine the object before train movement resumes.
13:52- Unidentified suspects attempted to assassinate Matariya prosecutor Motaz Abaza while he was on the stairs to his home in Zagazig, Sharqia in the Nile Delta, Youm7 reported.
13:50- MB supporters blocked Kafrawy Highway in 6 October City southwest of Cairo by burning tires, and escaped before security forces arrived.
13:35- The Ministry of Interior said 145 Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested, and eight explosive devices were neutralized.
13:15- A man killed was killed by a gunshot in Matariya, where clashes between protesters and security forces are being reported.
13:10- The police will not confront assemblies as long as they do not block roads, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said from the operations room at the Cabinet.
13:00- Small pro-regime protests are ongoing in Alexandria, Mahalla, Tahrir Square, and Damietta.
12:00- A stun grenade exploded in Masr al-Gedid near Ithadeya presidential palace.
11:41- Yanaier Gate reported that a group of MB decided to gather at the Mosque of Esteqama in Giza Square to march after Friday prayers. The news website also reported unnamed sources saying the MB groups received late orders Thursday night not to participate in the protests.
11:30- Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab arrived at the Cabinet operation room to discuss security plans. Mahlab said the situation was contained so far, there were no major incidents and only small, non-violent protests had taken place. Mahlab also took live updates in calls broadcast on TV from security leaders in governorates to assess the situation.
11:12- Cabinet’s morning brief report from operation room: some bombs diffused, army senior officer killed, another officer and soldier injured in armed attack in Gesr Suez near Heliopolis, small protest dispersed and nine people arrested in small protest in Kafr el-Sheikh and 107 arrested.
11:10- Army conscript killed officer injured in armed attack in Qalyubia near Abu Za’abl in thr Nile Delta, Sky News Arabia reported.
11:09- Authorities closed the Sallum border crossing with Libya until Saturday at 8 a.m. upon requests from Libyan authorities, according to CBC.
11:00- CBC Extra channel broadcasts live from different locations in Cairo and other governorates; streets are still quite.
10:34- Ayman Abu el-Ela, assistant secretary at the Free Egyptians Party, claimed the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood spent over $10 billion for Friday’s protests.
10:30- A police officer was killed and two conscripts were injured in an armed attack near Suez Road in Cairo, Sky News Arabia reported.
10:20- 61 arrests so far according to Interior Ministry spokesperson Hani Abdullatif’s press statements.
10:15- The head of the Quality Control Committee at Al-Azhar and his sons were arrested in possession of shotgun shells, chemicals and other alleged protest equipment in Beni Suef, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm.
10:00- A bomb was diffused in a public square in Fayoum, ONTV reported.
09:50-An MB march kicked off in the side streets off Haram Street where security presence is weak, Al-Wafd reported.
09:47- Al-Shorouq security report for the week: more than 895 social media pages closed by authorities for inciting violence on Friday, and 341 were arrested for running those pages, most of whom were students.
09:40- A small protest was dispersed in Alexandria, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported, in addition to a bomb diffused near the governorate security headquarters.
09:13- Trains are back in operation, ONA reported.
09:06- MENA reported that the surrounding areas of Rabaa al-Adaweya have been secured with 18 army vehicles.
09:02- MENA reported 16 suspected Muslim Brotherhood members involved with previous violent incidents in Minya were arrested.
08:45- 7 bombs safely removed on Friday morning across the country: security officials
08:40- Five people were arrested in Alexandria, Sharqia and Beheira Friday morning as they were about to start demonstrating, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.
08:40- A bomb exploded on the railway between Zagazig and Ismailia, no injuries reported according to ONA.
08:34- Youm7 reported an explosion in Sharqia, no injuries.
08:20- A bomb squad deactivated a bomb placed near a ballroom belonging to the Christian community in Beni Sueif after residents reported it, Youm7 reported.
06:52 – Train activity was suspended between Mansoura (Dakahlia) and Tanta after a signal tower was set on fire. Suspects remain unidentified, Youm7 reported.
06:45- A protest march started in 10th Ramadan City, Nasr City, ONA reported.