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  • Wednesday ,03 December 2014

Six unidentified dead bodies found in N. Sinai

By Egypt Independent

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Wednesday ,03 December 2014

Six unidentified dead bodies found in N. Sinai
Security in North Sinai found six dead bodies strewn in highroads in Arish and Sheikh Zuwayed on Monday night, all bearing gunshot marks.
Eye-witnesses said they had found five bodies on a main road in Sheikh Zuwayed before carrying it to the local hospital, while security ran into the sixth corpse in the vicinity of the Arish seaport.
Egyptian security forces have been leading operations against extremist group in the resitve peninsula who have perpetrated several bloody attacks against army and police.
The Sinai-based group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis recently pledged allegiance with the Islamic State, who is known for gruesomely beheading their enemies.