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  • Friday ,05 December 2014

An old lie

Hind Mukhtar

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Friday ,05 December 2014

An old lie

Was it really beautiful in the past? I’ve always wondered about this since all old people usually talk about how it was wonderful in the past. Many satellite channels only praise the past and its art. 

However, reading the history, I don’t find such alleged cheerful and glory in the past. Its moments had sadness and joy, misery and sorrow as well. They were so ordinary just like today.
I thought so when I had this conversation with artists from this glorious past. One of them was director of photography and the other was a video editor. They were talking about the ugliness of today and continued to praise the past. They have been unemployed for years, and have been only depending on their savings and pensions to live.
I tried to sympathize with them, but I could not, not out of cruelty, but as I found them refusing to develop. They stopped by that time and refused to move on to the future.
Indeed, I found them lazy and frozen as they refused to keep pace with the times and progress. They preferred to mourn for the past rather than trying to learn the new technology.
The development of the phone and digital camera can’t be described as ugliness. The regular train was replaced by the subway. This is not ugliness, but development. The real ugliness is the bad manner and corruption of the people. Scientists don’t make ugliness, but those who cry for the spelt milk do.
In the sixties of the last century, there was a project to combat barefoot which is clearly no beauty. The Egyptian farmer was striving to live which is no beauty as well.
In fact, we forget about pain and think only that the past was all beautiful, but it had ugliness as well as beauty, just like today.