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  • Thursday ,11 December 2014

Embassies closed until terrorist attacks are over

By-Ashraf Helmy

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Thursday ,11 December 2014

Embassies closed until terrorist attacks are over

I was astonished by the reaction of Egyptian government after many foreign governments decided to close their embassies in Egypt and advised their citizens not to visit Egypt except for emergency, especially in Sinai and the Egyptian-Libyan border.

In fact the Egyptian government did the same when it invited Egyptians to be extra cautious after Friday prayers in case the Muslim Brotherhood carries out a terrorist attack.
These countries have the right to protect their citizens as long as the Egyptian government is not able to protect even the Egyptians.
In fact, Egyptian governments since the revolution of 1952 failed to protect the citizens and their dignity, especially in Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and Libya. Consequently, it is not able to protect other nationalities that are described by fanatics as infidels, even in media!
The revolution of June 30 was supported by the people and the army, but the penetrated government will cause only more failure. We have to change officials who support the Muslim Brotherhood like Minister of Interiors and head of Minya security, as well as the officials in foreign ministry who couldn't defend the reputation of Egypt abroad. 
Before Egyptian government criticize those countries that protects their citizens, it should prove first it eliminated terrorism, return security to the streets and prevent sectarian strife proving it really respects human rights.