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  • Wednesday ,07 January 2015

Eternal Peace


Short But Not Sweet


Wednesday ,07 January 2015

Eternal Peace

Tragically, there has been another attack on our church this year. A time when we are supposed to be celebrating the birth of our Saviour, we are mourning the loss of loved ones.

I would like to point out wise words from Anba Angelos from England. "The worst thing that a Muslim can do to us, is not kill us, but make us hate them."

I cannot imagine what those poor families are going through, losing their loved ones. Us, as Christians, under constant persecution should remember that God will come to judge the living and the dead. He will bring justice unto those who showed us injustice. The time is coming where all must pay for their wrong-doings.

So hold your head up high. Jesus was born to save our souls, and He will come again to bring us eternal peace.