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  • Monday ,06 July 2015

War On Terror

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,06 July 2015

War On Terror

With 30/6-3/7 celebrations in Egypt lots of events took place, the assassination of the people’s lawyer was the start followed by the terror attack north of Sinai and countless of responses from loyal citizens as well as traitors! The major issue was how to respond!

Obviously I’ll ignore traitors and their comments some of them sounds innocent holding within it huge danger! 
To make it clear, I said it before, but will say it over, may be we can grab the simple fact that makes our war so different than regular normal wars, where 2 (or more sides) fight against each other, as an example, WWII Germans with Japan, Italy and many others were in abbreviation Allies vis Germans true Germans had allies as well but those allies joined what they thought was to stronger force, but military ambitions led to mistakes, fatal mistakes laid to weakening the strangest to become the weakest! I’m not to analyse WWII I used it as an example to illustrate the main differences between this regular war and the war on Terror Egypt is fighting right now! First difference appears on the well known 1st Aid people like the red cross or press correspondents who are protected by Geneva Convention treaties, obviously this requires 2 opposing sides one is our Egyptian Army but where is the enemy? I’ll borrow an American Movie title “Enemy Within” yes our enemy lies within us! They -the terrorists- do not have a uniform, no signs telling us they are terrorists they live with us eat drink and breath same food, water and air but when orders reach they will just plant a bomb to blow up our Attorney General R.I,P. Hisham Barakat! Or just start a sudden attack on our forces hopping to take them by surprise! And because they know they are going for an attack they are ready with their media and technicians that will fake facts on photo-shop to say what they want to spread around like the lie of occupying Sinai that become an Islamic State!
Few days prior to that attack I saw rumours, or facts, on facebook predicting or announcing an ISIS attack on Egypt in the holly month of Ramadan! I commented on that post “I wish they do to have a good lesson to remember”!
On the 2nd of July ISIS or “Bet El-Makdes” got that lesson in-spite of the well known military principal -Best way to defend is Attack!- Our military forces do not have that privilege with our unknown and undeclared enemy, but they were tough enough to stop the attack and turn it to a huge defeat that made every Egyptian proud of it’s Army!!
In Golden Letters our Brave Solders wrote over a new bravery chapter in defending Sinai! The solder that did not run away from the automatic car with the bomb to blow up the security post he stood in bravery blow up that car being its only victim to save his fellow fighters from a clear and present danger! Another brave wounded solder who refused treatment and kept fighting and killed alone 12 traitors before rendering his pure sole to God, even after his death it was difficult on his companions to take away his gun that he was holding fiercely! No wonder when we see his mother within her tears for a beloved son going away to blow a wedding joyful -Louloulouiiiiiiii- Egyptian tradition in weddings we see it in a funeral because her son as a martyr ends straight in Heaven!
Those Heroes, dead or alive wounded or untouched made us all proud of our Egyptian Army! They did a wonderful job that turned around the tables on those terrorists! But let us see what first news spread thanks to the wrong propaganda prepared in advance because they knew what they were about to do....
The Guardian newspapers got photos and the ISIS flag on a roof in Sinai with comment “Sinai Islamic State” but after facts unfolded the truth the Main titles changed in to “Security stepped up around Sheik Zouayed Hotel” and clearly reminding the general public of the Terror attack on Luxor few years back when 150 British Tourists died!
Is This news or a paid Advertising or most likely an attack to the Egyptian economy as Tourism is one if its main economy resources? Is keeping Egypt poor the main target to keep poor people suffering until they fed up again like on 25th January 2011? I do not have the complete image yet but this portions of the image tells me we are still under attack of Generation 4th Wars! 
Optimists see that this last victory put Muslim Brotherhood or better Devils Brotherhood underground almost died but looking back in history first time they were off the hook was following the Nokrashi Basha assassination but they stood back strong enough to sabotage Jews on 1st Cairo fire in the fifties that pushed Egyptian Jews to Palestine! Then the unfinished plan took the sharp turn on the 2nd fire that burned the rest of the loyal Egyptian Jews! But once again this was not enough to convince R.I.P.Ex- president Nasser to associate with them in power so they turned against him after they had shown respects to the Coup D’Etas of the Army officers and were the first ever to call it a revolution! Things turned sour when they tried to assassinate Nasser, and he responded with extreme measures “Sayed Kotb” executed and most members of Devils Brotherhood -DB for Short- in prison and who remained out of prison denied his relations with DB, until R.I.P. Ex-president Sadat fall in the trap and freed them to kill him! Then Mubark tried to co-exist with them but on 2011 it was time to take over powers from him!
DB few hundreds followers on Hassan El Bana become millions in Egypt not to talk of Hamas in Gaza, or Bin Laden in Taliban and the little baby MI6 created as a precautional measure from the assumption that King Farouk might join forces with Britain’s enemy Hitler grow up out of proportions all-over the middle East and ready to use for an Arab Spring that turned out a failure for this Enemy that has still other battles as that 4th Generation War still has a lot of battles to come!
This is how I see the picture, battle after battle to win or if we loose one this would be the beginning of the END; This is not a pessimistic view just a red light to see better in the darkness we either secure the whole middle East and Europe from Terror or else as we see, Libya, Tunis, Iraq and Syria started with us the Arab spring, now Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Kuwait had joined the turmoil, not to forget Sudan, Nigeria, Mali and many more African countries around!
Our true enemy is not just DB and its subdivisions from Bet El-Makdes or Hamas or Hizboulla but as well who provide terrorists with the weapons, who hosts the terrorists in their countries and provide to them asylum or protection either because they do not believe they are terrorists or fear them or as well they do not want to recognise them as terrorists for some reason beyond my intelligence!
However, this long long way to victory over terrorism had started two years ago we just started our third year under the protection and blessings of GOD! The one thousand miles trip had started 2 years ago and more than one step was stepped and with the blessings of GOD who ONLY BLESSED EGYPT this journey will be successful Peace of the lord be with you all!