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  • Friday ,17 July 2015

The fight for Women

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,18 July 2015

The fight for Women
I recently saw a documentary done regarding the women of Kurdistan. Why did it catch my attention? They were in the fight against ISIS. This self defence group called themselves YPJ. These women had the blessings of their whole family, to go and join this military group in the front lines against ISIS.
This is something that amazed me. Here, Egyptian women are seen more of the caregivers of the home. The ones who cook, clean, take care of the children etc... The women in Kurdistan are of the same. ISIS, however, had pushed the whole society to change rebel against their own upbringing and belief system. It was the first time for me to hear that the men of ISIS believe that if they are killed by a woman then they will die. The women of Kurdistan are taking advantage of this belief and trying to claim back land that is rightfully theirs. Girls of 16, 18, 20, were all joining this group and training with machine guns, and bazookas to be ready in protecting their civil liberties. 
This to me, is incredibly admirable. The parents of these fighters are put under so much stress and heartache, but they have no choice but to give their daughters their blessings and let them go on their way. They have seen first hand how ISIS destroys the society and rapes the women, and then disposes of them like garbage. The members of ISIS cannot be reasoned with, cannot be saved, cannot be negotiated with. The only resolution for dealing with ISIS is the same with any bug infestation, to destroy them. 
These women have learned first hand what ISIS is really all about. They have suffered many losses, and have decided to push back. I feel so proud when I see these women based army groups, because it means they get it. They get the struggle. They get how to change their current situation. 
I once heard you cannot fight fire with fire. When I look at ISIS do I really believe that? I hope with all my heart that it is not true in this scenario. How do you reason with someone who has no brain? No logic? The answer is you can't. I find that these women of Kurdistan, YPJ have come to realize that as well. No amount of crying, or pleading, or begging will help these women protect their dignity. They need to stand up for peace, stand up for civil liberties, and everyone understands that over there. 
I really pray and hope that they defeat ISIS in their struggle. Maybe by some miracle, the US will stop providing ISIS with weapons, and then ISIS will have nothing but their technology to make stupid videos of them beheading themselves. Maybe that's the solution? The only way ISIS will disappear is if they all just start killing themselves. A reality? probably not. A dream? Always.