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  • Tuesday ,28 July 2015

Falsify history

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,28 July 2015

Falsify history

I understand that supporters of former President Nasser want to make a hero of the president. Yet, such attempt is totally rejected when it comes against Egyptian history. 

Last week, Egypt celebrated the 63rd anniversary of the July 23 revolution. This revolution started as a movement inside the Egyptian army, then a military coup, then a revolution by the Free Officers, not certain officers like Nasser or Mohamed Naguib. At this occasion I used to write about the mistakes of Nasser at this revolution and after that. Yet, I stopped doing so after the Muslim Brotherhood came in power as they used to wrong him. I even started to defend the man against their lies as I don’t accept such lies.
Hamdeen Sabahi, supporter of Nasser, exaggerates when he claims that Nasser is the best president ever that ruled Egypt. Of course, he insults other presidents of Egypt with such claim including President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. I don’t think Sabahi is trying to praise Nasser as much as to disparage al-Sisi. He doesn’t mind to distort the Egyptian history to achieve such goal.
I have previously written an article to demonstrate the similarities between Nasser and al-Sisi. I also said that al-Sisi have many similarities with former president Sadat. However, I want here to point out that al-Sisi is better than Nasser in controlling his language since he never loses his temper and insult people or countries. He does so knowing that we need to avoid being at odd with other countries as a politician. He doesn’t participate in a war unless he knows his limit as a field marshal. 
These are couple of differences between Nasser and al-Sisi. Yet, al-Sisi is better than Nasser in the comparison. His history has many mistakes that you won’t be proud of. However, we need to remember his achievements.