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  • Thursday ,07 January 2016

The problem with Bill Clinton

By-Timothy Stanley-CNN



Thursday ,07 January 2016

The problem with Bill Clinton

Like a broken clock, Donald Trump is occasionally right. Who knew it would be about the subject of gender politics? Trump looks and sounds like a cave man in a business suit. But he's helped illustrate a Democratic double-standard on sexism.

This latest row started when Trump said Hillary Clinton had been "schlonged" by Barack Obama in 2008 -- schlong is a Yiddish word meaning penis. Clinton replied using a French word, saying that Trump had a "penchant for sexism." Trump then charged the Clintons with sexism in a back and forth that culminated with his assertion to CNN's Chris Cuomo that Bill is "one of the great woman abusers."
Pundits of left and right were suddenly divided. Was Trump articulating conservative bigotry towards successful women?
Or is Bill Clinton fair game?
Sanders not dwelling on 'Bill Clinton's sex life,' but Trump won't let go
Bernie Sanders not dwelling on 'Bill Clinton's sex life,' but Trump won't let go
He is and he isn't. On the one hand, Hillary Clinton deserves to be able to pursue the White House in her own right. True, she is who is she is because of her husband -- their marriage leant her stature. But Bill is also who he is because of Hillary -- he would never have made it to the presidency without her political genius.
Since then, Mrs. Clinton has served as a senator and secretary of state. There is something unkind about making her relive decades-old humiliations forced on her by spousal infidelity.
On the other hand, if the DNC insists on stitching the Democratic nomination up for Hillary Clinton, this sort of thing is bound to happen. The price of living in the past is that you have to live with your mistakes. Memories of the Clinton administration do recall sound economic management. But they also recall infidelity and, as a result, a much-reduced presidency.