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  • Friday ,15 January 2016

The performance of the parliament

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,16 January 2016

The performance of the parliament

While we are close to completing the first month since the first session for the Egyptian parliament, we have to evaluate and think about what this parliament will do and what the will achieve for the next 4 years? We muust also ask ourselves the question: will this parliament be able to face the challenges that Egypt is currently facing? Will this Parliament be organized and be able to be beneficial for Egyptians? 

The first feature I can notice about this parliament is that it has no outstanding character or as we would say, it doesn’t have a leader or majority that can lead the vote with or against the bills that the parliament supposed to discuss in the coming months. 

Someone may ask why we would need majority? Don't we all remember the past NDP experience? Do we want to return to that state again? My answer is clear that I absolutely am not aiming to go back to the NDP experience, however, when it comes to politics, you need to have a majority and a minority, otherwise you will not be able to pass any bill through the parliament.
Any democratic country in the world should have majority and minority, look to the British system, the US system, Israel, and Canada. All of these countries have a majority and minority inside their political system.
This is the importance of democracy. People of any nation elect a certain party, and this party gets the majority so it can achieve its policies. By this way people will be able to recognize if they were right or wrong in their choices.
If they were right, they might reelect the party again and if they weren’t right in their choice, they might go to make the minority to become a majority.