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  • Monday ,18 January 2016

ISIS in Antigua!

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,18 January 2016

ISIS in Antigua!
Antigua one of the homes that hasted me when I left my Real Home Egypt. For many people no to say names dual Nationality means no loyalty to your original Nationality; Now this could be right for many people but for me it is meaningless when I lived for many years in France and have relatives of French Nationality and met French people who treated me like a French guy no discrimination or being looked at me as a stranger, but they all looked at me as a person who lives with them they helped me they offered me free rides when I was walking in deserted areas no transportations and means of transport, how can I deny their welcome to me? I look at France as a second HOME! I was in Greece lived there and have real relatives who live there I'm ½ Greek Greece is my home country too! I lived in Antigua my best years of productivity, within Family and friends that nominated me as "More Black that Black people!" yes when I newly arrived to Antigua with years and years of discrimination from white people to Black people, any non Black fellow –like me- was the enemy that Antiguans hated; My position as a manager means I have to be the judge between any two workers both black but one of them was right in his cause, the wrong one means a new enemy to me –I was not at war with anyone they were or thought they were at war with me!- it took me years and years doing my job regardless of the bad side feelings I caused trying to be fair with everyone and until they finally saw the true me!
Antiguans are not a superior generation than Egyptians they mainly have same if not worst similarities, an Antiguan government officer is not better than the Egyptian but they reason better than Egyptians if they follow the rules and something in those rules sounds wrong and you let him/her know this is wrong he will accept the argument and ask his superior to review this wrong practice! Egyptians on the other hand will not bother they do not want to create misunderstanding with their superiors!
Bottom line Antiguans Love Antigua because it is the land they were born in it just like Egytpians who love Egypt because it is the land they were born in it, but I love any land hosted me and gave me a lot of its goodies! I love Egypt, and France, Greece and Antigua UK as well and this does not mean I'm not loyal to anyone on the expense of another one!
Having explained my love to everyone any land is the Land of the Lord all equally loved!
Being in Antigua for a week now I was cut off all news Egyptian news and worldwide news I do have TV but I watch old channels I missed since I left Antigua 2000-01 mainly movie channels that keep broadcasting old movies I saw first time years ago so no room for news especially when they are USA made on CNN even BBC I was surprised it was broadcasting movies I guess BBC is short for British Broadcasting Channel therefore BBC News is one of their channels and the only one available in Egypt!
Having explained why I love Antigua I cannot avoid comparisons between Antigua and my eternal love Egypt, one main issue is that Antigua I left 16 years ago is the same or better than the one I see now, same simple people that care about their daily bread not fighting or terrorizing people in the name of GOD! I found ISIS here in Antigua here are the pictures of the Antiguan ISIS:-
Yes here far far away in the Caribbean ISIS the Egyptian Goddess has reached and Pharaohs creations are sold!
It has nothing to do with the Islamic State ISIS or DAESH it is an artistic shop it always Existed but at the time when I used to live there the only terror we used to know was the terror in Lebanon that demolish
the most beautiful country in Asia, I recall the bartender replied to one of his customers watching news from the Middle East and asked what was going on in Lebanon he answered :-
Pure craziness everyone is killing everyone!
Another issue I noticed is the trees and the pure air I breathe no dust no smoke of car engines just pure fresh air and butterflies that disappeared from Egypt after the brutal assassination of trees in Egypt that since then butterflies disappeared.
It is amazing to watch the tourists liming around the whole family with their beautiful babies or just two of the husband and wife or could be man and girlfriend and you see all the joy in the face of the woman like reliving old honeymoon memories you do not see nuging or misunderstanding of women all those bad nominations were given to women in Egypt to justify the religious believes that women are ½ religious and brains beliefs were born with the Islamic state or wahabi people to pave the road towards the Islamic State and DAESH!
Thank God Egypt is the only country God Blessed may the peace of the Lord be with you all!