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  • Wednesday ,20 January 2016

After the elections IV

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,20 January 2016

After the elections IV

After the first procedural session of the Egyptian parliament was aired on TV, I made sure that the democracy of illiteracy has brought MPs who are non-eligible to represent the people in the House of Representatives.

Their behavior, words and deeds proved they only seek personal interests and benefits, which does not fit the critical moment at all, during which we face several conspiracies and make desperate efforts to reconstruct the country.
Our homeland needs our unity and efforts. Therefore, the Parliament has to cooperate with all state institutions for the good of Egypt.
However, they only proved the opposite when it came to the distribution of positions. They appeared caring only for themselves. Therefore, the honorable Parliament decided in violation of the Constitution and the principle of transparency to prevent the broadcast of the meeting to the people.
I think there are several reasons for such decision including the big number of the MPs. The Egyptian parliament consists of 596 Deputy, while the Parliament of the largest country in the world, the United States Congress consists of 435 deputies from the 50 states.
We are in Egypt has not started our first step after democracy since we are not yet ready for such step. I say this as there is no democracy with illiteracy, sectarianism or poverty.
Another challenge that faces the political life in Egypt is the large number of parties that exceeded 84 parties. Only 18 parties are represented in the parliament, most of which are represented by only one MP. I call this fragmentation and weakening of political life in Egypt. This proves selfishness and narcissism of the Egyptians and that they can’t stand teamwork. However, there is one solution to all this that I’ll mention in the next article.