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  • Thursday ,21 January 2016

The local councils comes first

Nabil al-Mekaddis

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Thursday ,21 January 2016

The local councils comes first

Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr, Minister of Local Development, said the government recognizes the negligence in engineering departments in the local councils. Notice that he didn’t talk about corruption in the local councils. He rather mentioned negligence than corruption.

In fact, I believe that Dr. Badr should make a revolution in the local councils. However, we still see violating buildings that were visited by officials and they get electricity from the government. The biggest problem facing municipal councils is the garbage and how to get rid of it or recycle it.
This way, several buildings collapsed and rubbish filled the streets, street bumps destroyed our vehicles. Those who build violating buildings bribe the officials of the local councils in order to license the building. However, none has been punished for such mistake.  Engineers of the local councils always visit new buildings and allow them to violate the license which proves they were bribed or received orders from senior officials to allow such violation. 
The local councils failed to run the facilities or plan for the cities, which caused even more problems. 
We have to admit that corruption extended to every aspect of our lives. Widespread deterioration of public utilities and municipal services became inevitable.
I believe that graduates of economy and political science Colleges should be appointed in Local Councils. The previous parliamentary elections proved we don’t have enough people to run this country. Knowing that the Local Councils are the best place to practice politics. We have to give greater concern to the Local Councils.