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  • Friday ,22 January 2016

Dina Ovadia and army of the Saudi Arabia

Dr. Yahya al-Wakil

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Friday ,22 January 2016

Dina Ovadia and army of the Saudi Arabia

Egyptian media published the story of Dina Ovadia that Egypt revoked her citizenship because she joined the IDF. Egyptian media that accused her of causing shame to the Egyptian societies after joining the army of the Zionist entity just ignored the shame that led her out of Egypt. They didn’t realize that this provided a legal precedent for revoking citizenship for any Egyptian who joins the Army of a foreign country. This should change the plans of Saudi Arabia that has been seeking to recruit young Egyptians to fight Iran. 

Who is this young woman and what is her story? Ovadia was born and raised in the city of Alexandria in Egypt. Her name was Carolyn Abdullah. When she was 15, an incident happened that turned her life upside down. She was at home with her mother and brothers, and all of a sudden bearded thugs stormed into their apartment. They were Salafists, radical Muslims. They fired into the air and warned them to leave Egypt immediately. 
She heard them calling their apartment 'Bayt al-Yahud'. She didn't understand what they were talking about, but her grandfather told her later they are Jewish. They didn’t steal anything from their house, but destroyed everything they could. 
She had to leave Egypt after her best friend Amal refused even to meet her or help her.  However, they were well received in Israel and her name changed to Dina Ovadia. She joined a school in Jerusalem and then joined the IDF. Thus, it was normal for her to work under spokesperson of the IDF.
Dina faced hatred of the Salafist and helped Egypt by preventing the Saudi Arabia from recruiting Egyptians to fight Iran. Thanks Dina, and I hope that peace continues between Egypt and Israel.