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  • Friday ,22 January 2016

The Open Wound of the Revolution

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,23 January 2016

The Open Wound of the Revolution
January 25th is just mere days away. Emotions are running high. I feel as though people are panicking for what fate awaits them in just a few days. I'm not sure if the air is tense with protestors brewing and ready to oust the current president, Sisi, or if the tension is coming from those who are anxious and desperately want peace in the land. 
Either way, the anxiety amongst all the people is almost palpable. It is as if there is some kind of force entering people's homes and creating this uneasiness all around. What I can say is, I hope that all that comes with the 25th is a memorial for all the lives that were lost, and a celebration for the new found steps made towards Egypt progressing in a positive way. 
I don't think anyone can deny that Sisi is doing a really good job, he is building bridges instead of burning them, and really making an effort to move Egypt forward to become the great country that it once was. 
I know that there will be protests. There is no way that we can pass this day without them. What worries me, is that I feel like protestors will be wreaking havoc because of the bitterness they hold in their hearts. I feel as though the people who are protesting will never be satisfied no matter who is in power, or how they get into power. It's as though there is nothing that can be done that will appease their bitter, angry hearts. That makes me sad. It makes me sad to know that there are people who don't want the best for Egypt, because they are too selfish to realize that their country is moving in a positive  direction. 
I hope people will think like me, and stay indoors on the 25th. I cannot deny that Egypt is moving forward, but it is the same old dogs that are causing instability and insecurity on the streets. I for one will be celebrating this anniversary, will you?