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  • Tuesday ,26 January 2016

The president welcomes Egyptian youth in the airport

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,26 January 2016

The president welcomes Egyptian youth in the airport

The Egyptian president was really worried when he knew about the kidnapped 20 Egyptians in Libya by the forces of evil that hates Egypt. He worked very hard and quietly with all state institutions in order to liberate them. It was great success to return them safe to Egypt. 

President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi sent an important message to the whole world saying that Egypt doesn’t neglect her children as was the case in the past. The message assured that Egypt works hard to save any Egyptian and anywhere. It became a matter of acts and not only slogans.
He surprised everybody by receiving the Egyptian youth in Cairo international airport after he sent a private jet to return them to their homeland. Moreover, he even ordered to give them 3000 EGP each from the treasury.
He also sent a message to every Egyptian youth that Egypt welcomes her children and they can work in it instead of traveling abroad. This message should touch many young people in Egypt as well as the media presenters who can’t find any achievements in Egypt.
New Egypt really cares for its youth who are willing to work and not those who cooperate with enemies of the homeland. My greetings and gratitude to the President and the father Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and Long live Egypt.