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  • Wednesday ,27 January 2016

Political illiteracy and religious racism leading to backwardness


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Wednesday ,27 January 2016

Political illiteracy and religious racism leading to backwardness

The white coup by the Egyptian officers in 1952 came in coordination with Wahhabism religious leaders in the region to take control of the Middle East. The Saudi regime planned to topple all kings in the region starting with King Farouk who had the best army. They were planning that the Saudi king will rule all Arab countries.

Those officers fell in the Saudi trap of cooperation with Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow the regime. It incited discord among the Egyptian people until the officers took over power as well as money of the rich people. The Parliament was then divided between workers and peasants without taking into consideration the qualifications of those representing the people and would affect the future of Egypt.
After the first phase of the plot has succeeded in 1952, the second part came in Yemen in 1962, which led to the setback of 1967.
Saudi Arabia used Sadat to spread its ideology. He incited religious racism among the Egyptian people through changing the constitution and law of the country to encourage political Islam groups and destroy the national unity. Sadat, as Wahabbi agent, announced that he is a Muslim President of an Islamic country.
After the plot of January 25, planned by the United States to impose an Islamic Wahhabi Caliphate in the Middle East, the revolution of June 30 came to destroy this evil plan. A new president was elected and a new parliament as well. However, the parliament reveals political illiteracy in Egypt. The new MPs are not responsible for such failure. The regime ruined the system. For example, most of the governors and heads of city councils of police and army officers. Moreover, most of politicians are not qualified and has not promoted in the public service and municipal councils.
Egypt will only progress upon changing its culture and stop trading on religion and sectarianism. Therefore, Egypt must face corruption and bribe. Education curricula must be changed to teach students about the basics of democracy and political system.