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  • Thursday ,28 January 2016

World War III against the Orthodox Church

By-Zakaria Ramzy

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Thursday ,28 January 2016

World War III against the Orthodox Church

After the Coptic Orthodox Church in Minya refused to pray for the bodies of a Coptic bride and groom who died of gas leakage in Minya governorate, northern Cairo, many people attacked the church accusing her of hatred for other Christians. I believe that there is no intercession for the dead by such prayers, but only offering condolences to the family of the dead person.

The people accusing the church of hatred for this reason know that the church has rules and traditions. Those people are willing to incite against the church by all means.
They may claim that the church has to change her policy and rules for the sake of love. They would have accused Pope Athanasius of such hatred for defending the faith against Arius. His attempts to preserve the Orthodox faith and facing persecution and death for that cause are worthless.
A Coptic activist called Dr. Magdy Khalil attacks the Coptic Orthodox church and its fathers. The evangelical priests also attacked the church for not holding the funeral of the bride and groom. In fact, they refuse the beliefs of the Orthodox church including prayer for the deceased and the priesthood. However, they are willing to manipulate such beliefs as much as they want!
There are several Coptic priests who offer wrong teachings using their popularity among the Coptic people like Father Samaan and Makary Younan. Moreover, several Coptic movements put pressure on the church to achieve their personal interests. 
The Coptic church is led by human priests who may err, but those who oppose the church are following an evil plan to destroy the church. However, facing such plan is only by choosing new ministers, priests and deacons according to new rules, and by changing the religious discourse. Indeed, the Lord has promised the church that the gates of hell would not prevail against her.