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  • Friday ,29 January 2016

Stop the population counter

Mina M. Azer

Article Of The Day


Friday ,29 January 2016

Stop the population counter

In my country, we hide and deny everything we think is bad for the country and disturbing for the people. We hate everything that disturbs the public peace. There is some kind of overseer to prevent some news and reject some laws, but when it comes to clean the country, other people has to toil to do the job. Yet, we don’t want to annoy anybody since we seek stability. 

Many crimes are committed in the name of stability. Former presidential election was forged to bring Morsy in power. Publication ban is used to hide the truth in several cases before the court.
We don’t have to know though the constitution grants such right! Corruption reports must be banned since they may annoy the people. Therefore, we may ban publication that everything may be lost in the darkness. After years, the truth is still hidden hoping that the people will forget.
Finally, I hope that the publication counter in the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics since it disturb the public peace. I also urge a publication ban for losses of Ahly football team as they annoy millions of its fans. Every terrorist attack should not be covered by media. I also suggest publication ban in terms of dollar rates and the project of the million and a half acres. We should ban publication of all news that may annoy the people and may force them to think.