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  • Friday ,29 January 2016

The Rights and justice for all victims

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,30 January 2016

The Rights and justice for all victims

While I’m browsing Facebook, I read a story about a woman that went to Tahrir Square in the anniversary of the 25th revolution. She was demonstrating against Sisi and the interior ministry.  When I read more I found out that this woman belongs to Muslims Brotherhood and she demonstrate against Sisi and interior ministry because her husband and her son died in “El-Nahda Square” after the army forced The ex-president Morsi to step Down after the demonstrations of June 30th 2013. 

Feeling sorrowfully is very sad especially when you lose all your family for defending their opinion. No one can deny there was Victims from the Muslims Brotherhood and if we didn’t confess that, it means we want to be blind and not telling the truth. 
Muslims Brotherhood is convicted as well because they insisted in staying in both El-Nahda and Rabaa Square refusing all the callings to move away and not going in clash with the army and with the police, however, there were many innocent killed. 
If Egypt and all political power believe that Egypt is for all, we have to compensate the victims including the police and the army victims. Without people feel justice, it’s vain to try to do any amendments or progress. 
You can attack the Muslims Brotherhood, you can say its now a terrorism group, but you have to be fair and tell the truth and let them feel that they are living in a country can give them justice and the same rights as others. 
If we really believe in human rights as a real slogan not just as words, we have to recognize the innocent people and let them feel safe. We as Coptic suffered a lot from being neglected and injustice and we should call for justice for all.