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  • Wednesday ,03 February 2016

They also participated

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,03 February 2016

They also participated

He stands alone in front of the White House holding a sign that says “I participated in the revolution of January 25”. He knows how much this sign will affect those working in that house. Those who planned to use the revolution to bring certain people to power in Egypt led them to prisons and not to the presidential palace. Their failure became their friend and coworker in the prison. They must hate the people who overthrew them, I mean the Egyptian people.

Mohamed Sultan was holding this sign in front of the White House. He lives in the infidel country where he found freedom. This member of the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood holds his sign to remind Obama of his failure to subdue the Egyptian people.
The arrogance of the Muslim Brotherhood aborted the newborn democracy in Egypt, and paved the way before another revolution in June 30 hoping that the governors in Egypt will learn such lesson.
Sultan enjoys freedom that he doesn’t really deserve at the time several young Egyptian demonstrators are still in prison. Sultan received presidential amnesty and traveled to America to incite against his country. Several young people just demonstrated breaking a law that many members of the Parliament disapprove. Why don’t they receive presidential amnesty as well?