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  • Thursday ,04 February 2016

Azhar, and the arrest of Fatima

Asasi Abdul Hamid

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Thursday ,04 February 2016

Azhar, and the arrest of Fatima

Sheikh of Al-Azhar belongs to ISIS and President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi belongs to the Salafis. Both of them adopt the same ideology in one way or another. They indeed adopted the Wahabbism and participated in the greater project to convert Egypt into an Islamic state. This was crystal clear when several thinkers and intellectuals were arrested including Islam Behiry and Fatima Naaot…etc. I’m sure there are other names waiting on the list like Dr. Sayyed Qimni and the journalist Ibrahim Issa.

Ferocity of Al-Azhar is increasing by time. It wasn’t so aggressive during the days of Qasim Amin, Taha Hussein and the Lebanese writer Mai Ziada. Decades ago, daughters of Al-Azhar Sheikh used to wear a skirt and cut their hair of the latest fashion. Now, it’s reviving the crimes of Amr ibn al-Aas who burned the Library of Alexandria and beheaded the Copts and hand their heads on the doors of mosques. Now Al-Azher is waging such war against intellectuals like Naaot and Behiery, but ignores many Sheikhs who incite against Copts in the mosques.
Al-Azhar doesn’t feel shame to attack those intellectuals at the time the president invites them every now and then to renew the religious discourse. 
The power of Egypt lies in the pyramids culture and the headwaters of the Nile. Therefore, the Islamists try to destroy all connections with those two sources. Supporters of ISIS in the Saudi Kingdom. This resulted in Azhar belongs to ISIS and President belongs to the Salafis and ignores several intellectuals being imprisoned on charges of contempt of religion.  
Today, Al-Sisi accompanied by Al-Azhar are leading Egypt into a Wahhabi religious state modeled on Afghanistan of Taliban.