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  • Friday ,05 February 2016

What does Christian unity mean?

Nabil Abdelmalek

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Friday ,05 February 2016

What does Christian unity mean?

Real Christians understand that Christian unity should be the greatest testimony to the message of Christ who said that he wants his disciples to be one. All Christian denominations share the same Christ. Such unity is a great factor to make the people all over the world believe in the message of Christ and his atoning work on the cross. The lack of Christian unity hinders the love of God to his people. 

Unity is a heavenly gift that increases through thanks. Real love can be revealed among Christian denomination through such unity.
Christ came from heaven to save us. His love became the new law. This is Christianity that we should know. All of us are one in Christ. Rituals and traditions are useful in case they are used to glorify God and not to divide Christ.
Few days ago, a priest refused to hold the funeral of newly married couple from different sect.  This story reminded me of the parable of the good Samaritan. How come such priest refuses to accept those Christians after Christ died for all people?
We think that praying for the dead people may forgive their sins. Many people invite several bishops and priest to pray for the dead hoping their intersession will forgive his or her sins. This is not true since no intersession may be accepted after death.  Therefore, no sect can claim such right to open heaven before the dead.
During the funerals, preachers assure that the dead has arrived to heaven since they were good people. How did they know? Father Matta the Poor said that unity that Christ wants is relative to our uniqueness and gifts. 
Finally, who has the right to hold his funeral in the church, a sinner or a good man from different sect?