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  • Friday ,05 February 2016

Security Dilemma

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,06 February 2016

Security Dilemma

After the death of the Italian young man in Egypt and found his body in Alex highway, there are many questions we need to ask about the security procedures that taken place in Egypt and who is responsible for all forced disappearance we read every day. 

I believe that all of these accidents are connected somehow, and what lead me to get this conclusion that all these accidents happens almost in the same way. 
For example the lawyer that was disappeared found shot in his head and they threw his body in Alex highway, The Italian guy found killed, tortured and thrown as well in Alex Highway.  There is something common between all of these accidents and if the president and the interior ministry can’t see this link, we will be in a big chaos. 
From my point there are two possibilities of all of these accidents , the first possibility that there is a gang stay behind all of these accidents trying to give a message to the world that Sisi failed to keep the security as he promised and he is not  the person that you can rely on. In this case there is a big role in the interior minister to find out immediately who is this gang? and try to declare that to the public opinion. 
The second possibility is the worst scenario, if the interior ministry was responsible for all of these accidents. In this case we can say that President Sisi has enemies from his regime itself.  In this case Sisi should take an action against the interior ministry. When we say that the interior ministry needs reform , it doesn’t mean that we are betrayer.