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  • Tuesday ,09 February 2016

ISIS judge 4 Coptic children in Minya

Nader Shoukry

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Tuesday ,09 February 2016

ISIS judge 4 Coptic children in Minya

Be careful if you’re willing to criticize ISIS since it became a crime in Minya where extremists sued four Coptic children under 15 in Beni Mazar village in Minya governorate in order to terrorize their families. The cause of action here is a 20 seconds video that was filmed as a joke after the slaughter of 21 Copts by ISIS in Libya. 

The children showed what ISIS does when they use religion to kill. The teacher who filmed this video was sentenced to three years in prison after his stolen mobile phone was found and the video was spread among the villagers.
Children were remanded in custody for more than 45 days and took their exams in the prison. Their families were deprived from celebrating Christmas with their sons.
A customary reconciliation session ordered to expel of the Coptic teacher and his family out of the village. However, the children were still remanded in custody to further please the militants, that none of them were arrested for attacking houses of the Copts. This is a repeated scenario for targeting the Copts where is no physical evidence of contempt of religion can be found. Four children who know nothing about concept of religions are threatened with imprisonment for criticizing ISIS organization at the time Al-Azhar holding its peace ignoring the suffering of these innocent children and refusing to call ISIS infidels for murdering and burning people alive. 
The silence of the Family House is also remarkable. Those children were threatened by the extremists and were humiliated in the prison in order to please the extremists. The constitution was violated, and the Article
98 of the Penal Code has turned to be the guillotine for the necks of intellectuals and Copts even the children.
Children of Nasiriyah Village are waiting on February 25 to be judged in Beni Mazar misdemeanor court. Will the judge send the children to prison and destroy their future after he sentenced their teacher to 3 years in prison? Will the judge have mercy on the children and despise the extremists and ISIS!
I remember here a lot of cases in which the judge ordered the release of Muslim youth who were accused of assaulting the Copts and burning their property in order to preserve their future, as stated in the reasons for the release of 7 Muslim youth in the sectarian incidents in Armant Hait village in Luxor. In Esna, a number of Muslims were arrested after 48 hours in order to protect their future. With the Coptic chilren receive the same treatment? Or they do not have a future under the double standard policy as Copts are charged on charges of contempt of Islam, but dozens of Muslim Sheikhs are attacking Christianity in media and mosques without any accountability, some of whom belonged to Al-Azhar institution!.