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  • Wednesday ,10 February 2016

Internal Ministry ruins the regime

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,10 February 2016

Internal Ministry ruins the regime

The failure of Egyptian interior ministry led the president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to launch an initiative that revealed weakness of the state. Such initiative to negotiate with a group that was named terrorist by the judiciary! 

Police can’t deal with the Ultras during the matches. I can’t believe our police is not able to even secure a football matches with audiences! 
Interior ministry insists on embarrassing the regime and makes it look bad. Consider the police statement about the dead Italian young man. It’s likely that his death was planned and even carried out by the interior ministry. They insist on ruining the regime!
Police can’t deny its responsibility for killing 20 innocent young people last year during a football match. They may claim that there was a conspiracy, but at least their lack of wisdom caused the death of those young people.  
Interior ministry was involved in the killing of 74 Ahly football club fans. They didn’t secure the stadium properly. Yet, they are clearly responsible for killing fans of Zamalek football club fans. I can’t remember what happened with the trials!
Egyptian regime has to suffer more by the practices of the interior ministry. The regime faces corruption everywhere, but police is adding to such endurance an extra affliction.