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  • Thursday ,11 February 2016

The Egyptian President

Michel Fahmy

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Thursday ,11 February 2016

The Egyptian President

The Egyptian president is full of love for his homeland and people. His behaviors are close to idealism. The Egyptian president knows the problems of the nation and works hard to overcome them. He dreams of a powerful, developed and civilized Egypt. Many projects are being planned for by the president in order to raise standard of living of the people.

 He really believes in equal citizenship, and doesn’t differentiate between a Muslim and a Christian citizen. He declared the importance of building churches in new cities along with mosques.
He is such a rightful ruler that seeks justice. Coptic activist in the Diaspora can’t deny such justice. Not only our president is kind, but he is firm at the same time. He rarely uses his power as president, but always shows his interest as father in the problems of his children. He cares for everybody and seeks to win them for the sake of the nation.
This is the least that could be said about president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, leader of Egypt and its powerful armed forces. The real guard of Egypt and the region. He is so gentle and powerful at the same time!
This president loves his people very much and faces all conspiracies and a foreign scheme. Media can’t see any achievements in the presidential palace, though the enemies of Egypt see them crystal clear. 
Do the capitalist media realize that the president is waging a fierce war against terrorism?  Can it see the hard work exerted by the armed forces and civil construction companies in Egypt?
The calamity of capitalist media lies in its ignorance and conspiracies? However, the people do love their president and such attacks only increase such love.
I may be accused of flattering the president, but I really see him as hero that deserves more than this. Long live Egypt.