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  • Friday ,12 February 2016

What is happening!

Asasi Abdul Hamid

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Friday ,12 February 2016

What is happening!

Egyptian anchor Amr Adib showed images of Egyptian pupils in the fifties of the last century comparing them to recent images of other students. He was wondering: What is happening in Egypt! I can tell him.

The revolution of July 1952 decided to impose the Arab identity of Egypt and incited hatred against Israel. Then, Israel burned the Egyptian airports, soldiers and armored vehicles.
The 1952 revolution turned the Egyptian economy into a war economy that the Egyptian citizen is still paying for. Sadat and Mubarak sold Egypt to the Saudi regime and the Wahabbi ideology.
President al-Sisi now is facing such accumulated garbage in the Egyptian culture that Al-Azhar is supporting Saudi Arabia and call writers, intellectuals and journalists infidels, but refused to call ISIS infidels since they pray towards the same Kiblah.
The president called for the renewal of religious discourse, which will not happen as long as Al-Azhar is in power with ideology that wishes to destroy all churches and non-Muslim places of worship.
15 centuries ago, the Library of Alexandria was burned by the Islamic troops following the orders of the caliph Omar Ibn Khattab.
If we compare photos of a primary school, university or college, or a hospital from the fifties, we should realize that we are suffering like a patient on the verge of death. Such patient needs to remove the tumor that he may live.