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  • Friday ,12 February 2016

Doctors rights and strikes

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,13 February 2016

Doctors rights and strikes

Yesterday all doctors held emergency assembly to express their anger from the police officer behaviour against them. I can’t blame Doctors to demonstrate and express their anger from such behaviours; however, I can’t accept also them to go in strikes. 

There are big difference between demonstrate and going in strikes. To demonstrate you will be able to express your anger and raise some signs can express your demands, at the same time after you demonstrate you will back to your work and see your patients.
But going in strikes that mean you will torture your patients, it means many patients could die because you don’t do your work. Strikes for Doctors are not acceptable from my view because the nature of their work is completely different than any other work.
On the other hand, I advise the interior ministry to review its performance because going in a clash with doctors, insulting doctors, and killing doctors are very dangerous signs. And we can say if police officers doing such things with doctors which supposed to be the elite of the society so we are wondering what the police officers do with ordinary people which are not doctors.
In conclusion, I want to assure that Egypt will never live in peace unless all categories in the community respect each other. Laws should be more firm to force people to respect it and is should be applied on all people in the same way. Without that I believe another revolution could be in the road especially if the officers of the interior ministry continued in the same way.