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  • Thursday ,02 June 2016

Bishop Makarios and the state of corruption and racism

Magdi George

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Thursday ,02 June 2016

Bishop Makarios and the state of corruption and racism

Those who burned looted and destroyed seven Coptic homes in the village of Karm in Minya and stripped an old Coptic woman off were actually exposed along with their resist society.

The old lady reported police after the attack, but the police officer was corrupted and resist as well, and refused to make a proper police statement. Therefore, the old lady decided to go to the church in order to complain after police disappointed her. In fact, the state pushes the Copts to resort to the church and then complain that church interferes in all Coptic matters.  
This time, Abba Makaroius was ready to protect his congregation after they were humiliated by stripping the old lady off. He refused the shameful customary reconciliation sessions and called to apply the law and punish the oppressors. Everybody decided to call the Copts liars, and only apologize of the president prevented them from denying the incident at all.
The state of corruption, racism and sectarianism is still refusing to give the Copts their rights and punish the oppressors. It mobilized several TV presenters to spread lies and attack bishop Makarious like Amani Khayat who attacked the Copts of Diaspora claiming they are responsible for what happened! Moreover, Mohammad Ghaity insulted the bishop accusing him of calling for foreign intervention in Egypt.
Finally, I announce that we support Bishop Makarious, not for being clergy, but for his calls to enforce the law. You can’t distort his reputation or keep him shut. You are responsible for such chaos either by supporting or by holding your peace against such crimes. If you can keep the bishop shut, the rest of the people will continue shouting until their rights return.