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  • Friday ,03 June 2016

Obama out of Black House I

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,03 June 2016

Obama out of Black House I

In a previous article, I talked about the first real communication between the Muslim Brotherhood and the US administration in 1953 at a meeting that took place between President Dwight Eisenhower and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Said Ramadan, who married daughter of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood and became prominent agent of the CIA after reciving hight-level training. in the meeting they agreed that they both belive in God and should fight Communism toghether.

The zionist entity convinced the American adminstration that the Muslim Brotherhood will put an end to Communism. The Brotherhood started a new era as a tool of Zionism in the world.
They played an important role in the Afghani-Russian war, which led to the defeat of the Russians. Therefore, they recieved $ 60 billion, over the ten years of the war from the Amerians. Only Mahdi Akef, former leader of Muslim Brotherhood knows the destiny of this money.
Zionist American administration knew the imporatnace of the group, and the next step was the Gulf War, which was a extended  plan to divide the Arab countries and get their petrol. Leaders of the Muslim Brotehrohod traveled from Egypt to Iraq to encourage Saddam to invade Kuwait and give America the reason to invade Iraq in return. The American forces arrived to the middle east and paved the way before the Arab spring. such cooperation became fundemental for the American Administration even when the presient changes. Obama will go out of the white house, but the Muslim Brotherhood will stay.