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  • Friday ,10 June 2016

Coptic Church at danger

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,10 June 2016

Coptic Church at danger

There is no rank in the Coptic church loftier than monks. Devils fight them with sex and money since they fight against the empire of evil. They may fight them with self-rigorousness and condemnation of the others. A monk is a virgin, hermit and worshiper who left the world in order to live with God and for God. He is considered dead and a funeral is held for him on the ordination in the Coptic rituals proving that he is dead and is only living for the kingdom of God. A monk should know that he will never leave his monastery, even when he dies.

These are few rules of many spiritual rules of the Coptic monasticism. This is how the old monk practiced monasticism for centuries. However, corruption hit it and nepotism became part of it! Monasteries are no longer searching for good candidates for monasticism. 
Many monks leave their monasteries to be ordained Pope, bishops, priests and to serve abroad. Thus, they forget about their funeral that was held upon their ordination as monks. Few months after their ordination, they are ordained priests and are sent to minister in various churches. 
In fact, a monk shouldn’t communicate that much with the world finds himself supposed to lead a congregation, and take their confession which made few of them to get married with the penitents! 
An old monk said once that rules of monasticism include: to stay away from looking to women, and never hasten to listen to secrets and mistakes of the people. 
Monks are serving in the West and may perish since they suffer from extra spiritual wars. There are many problems that should be investigated by the church in order to solve the problem of the monks who serve as priests in the West.