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  • Tuesday ,14 June 2016

What the interviewer didn’t ask?

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,14 June 2016

What the interviewer didn’t ask?

The interview between President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi and Mr. Osama Kamal gives an impression that it wasn’t meant to be an interview, but rather a speech to teach the people what they need to know. However, it completely ignored the Egyptian foreign policy, except with a question about the relations with the United States. The president gave a wonderful diplomatic answer that you’ll never find an actual answer. The only information that he gave was he will not follow the footsteps of his predecessor Mubarak. In fact, this is the first time the president criticizes the policy of Mubarak and Tantawi openly.

The interviewer didn’t ask about the Egyptian and Turkish-Qatari relations, and how it goes! The president showed superb excellence in the understanding of the requirements of global politics as he was answering the peace initiative with Israel and the French initiative as well.
Kamal didn’t ask him about the Syrian affairs and the position of Egypt towards it, especially as the Saudi Arabia recently stated that Egyptian-Saudi alliance is now in all fields. Will Egypt follow Russia or the Saudi Arabia in that account? He didn’t ask about the terrorists in Libya on the Egyptian boarders threatening our national security.
The president didn’t speak about Hamas as if this terrorist organization will only deal with the Egyptian intelligence office away from the open.
Much information was not mentioned in the interview, and many others needed clarification. However, would the president answer them if they were asked?