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  • Thursday ,16 June 2016

Egyptian Family House fails to solve sectarian problems

Gergis Wahib

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Thursday ,16 June 2016

Egyptian Family House fails to solve sectarian problems

The Egyptian Family House was founded aiming to solve sectarian problems and spread love and tolerance. Its branch in Beba was no exception like many branches all over Egypt. 

However, this branch in Beba did nothing except holding several meetings and giving useless recommendations without results on the ground. 
For example, churches and property of the Diocese of Beba and Fashn suffered from several abuses during the past two years, but the Egyptian Family House in Beba did nothing! It has not even condemned the attacks. Five Coptic families were displaced last year in Kafr Darwish village, but the Family House held its peace. Christians had to pray in the open for 6 months, but the Family House never spoke. The Coptic dispensary with nuns serving it was attacked, but the Family House never denounced the attack.
I wonder: why the church has decided to continue such farce? The Egyptian Family House forgot about it goals and cared only for the show.