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  • Friday ,17 June 2016

Dear Dreamer immigrants Man is the same everywhere

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,18 June 2016

Dear Dreamer immigrants Man is the same everywhere

Many people in my nation Egypt dream to immigrate wither to Europe or US or Canada or Australia dreaming of the paradise that media put in his mind. Everyone thinking I just need a chance to travel and do this so that. Everyone try to say even in his words we are not like this developed country. 

You can feel that even some Egyptians suffer from Inferiority by trying to use some English words in their speech as the Arabic language doesn’t have the word he wants to express. In all my trips abroad I have never seen any person from any country in Europe or US try to put a word from different language that they speak. 
On contrary, although most of Europeans know how to speak English, they will never speak except their own mother tongue. 
For my dreamer immigrants allow me to destroy some facts that Media tries to put in your mind about west countries in Europe and North America and is completely wrong:
1* Media says that west are fair in Jobs, but I tell you that most of good Jobs in the west are internal and if you don’t know someone inside the company it’s hard to get. 
2* Media says that west are fair in dealing with people, but I tell you many people in west are racist and they don’t accept or like dark people or people have an accent. 
3* Media says that west respect human rights, but I tell you that there are many incidents in the west shows that they don’t respect human rights and on contrary they penetrate the law don’t care.