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  • Monday ,20 June 2016

Redefinition or Reminder of Definitions

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,20 June 2016

Redefinition or Reminder of Definitions

Yesterday an official funeral of an army officer died in clashes with terrorists turned to a public demonstration of this officer's mates, neighbors and cohabitants of his village in Sinai all demanding revenge from the assassins (Terrorists)!

This reminded me of a famous quote I readjust one or two days before on the 10th. Ramada anniversary Stating:- “All we need to remember is Strong Army ensures continuity of a country existence!
So true, for 10 years non-stop Iraqi Army defended not only Iraq, but the whole region including Syria, Jordan and even Saudi Arabia from the Iranian Invasion Rockets from Tehran were exchanged by Iraqi Rockets from Baghdad  supported by Egyptian moral and technology as Egypt then considered Iraq a 1st line of defense though they had never been at war they've always had family and religious ties with Iranians, true the Persian empire invaded Egypt but since Egyptians stood back liberating their land no more wars with Iran moreover, since the Iranian Religious Revolution they are just building back the empire Alexander the Great demolished; but without any real wars, they are the clear and present danger with their nuclear researches to any nuclear depending country including Israel that said it clear and loud any Iranian Nuclear Particle lands in Israel will be the end on Iran however, apparently the principal the last respectful American President -John Kennedy- established upon the Cuban Missile Crisis that any nuclear reaction would lead the end of this world is what the world had learned. In other words the world can not afford another Hiroshima and Nagasaki disaster, all countries best protection from a Nuclear Attack is to have its own Nuclear Protection and not to be another Hiroshima or Nagasaki! But all this is history we can read it and learn a lot more from it, so let me head back to the original purpose of this article redefinition of terms new technology tries to define its own way!
To start let me redefine the word Army my UK thesaurus defined the word as Regular army but army is what I try to define in other words! To the best of my recollection army is derived from the word Arm! Let us see the following Image....
The image above shows part of the anatomy of any human being called ARM and as you see it has nothing to do with wars, fights or any offence, but it is your first defence against any danger you might face! In a flood you will use your arms to swim and get out of the sea, in a fire you will use your arms to get water to put off the fire, even if an animal attacks you you will use your arms to grape a tree away from that animal or at least get a branch to defend your life, not to talk of the coward attack of another human being that wants advantage on you!
From here come the origin of army, your arms are the 1st way of defence and obviously you will need to protect your arms with different ways from heavy protective clothes that will minimise the pain if your arms were unprotected and armoury  was introduced armoury for protection not just bombs and canons or weapons; even weapons were introduced for protection not invasion!
So, if we agree on the origin of the world Army, this means his primary role is protection and defence not attack! Since ever, pharaohs stood for their land, they did conquer the sea to explore additional resources of life and spread civilization not to invade other countries, they crossed the Atlantic to Latin America some monuments suggests they did visit those places but never invaded them! This is the nature of Egypt and Egyptians, peaceful life loving and liberty not enslaved or invaded!
That is simply the redefinition of the Army; it is a simple gathering of people -men or women or BOTH- is a simple clear task to keep a country REMAIN COUNTRY not a gathering of people fighting each other for no clear reasons! The Demolition of the Iraqi Army took the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to countless fights and still going on. The ban of supplying Libyans from rebuilding their Army if setting up the grounds for more atrocities in Europe by terrorists and so on and the question here is:-
Are Armies done to be demolished by the users of petroleum resources????
I rest my case at this point and my next redefinition will be for the police is it a true public enemy or what is its role?
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptian and his peace be upon you all!