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  • Tuesday ,21 June 2016

Presidential decree of Worship


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Tuesday ,21 June 2016

Presidential decree of Worship

After two revolutions in Egypt, the situation is too bad. As the president is working hard to renew the religious discourse, fanatics are stripping off old Coptic woman and attacking the Copts and their houses claiming they have no permission to pray. It’s noticeable that accidents of burning churches are increasing as well.

The Egyptian people demonstrated against the Muslim Brotherhood and supported the armed forces to topple the Islamic regime. However, they are still fighting terrorism in Sinai, several governors and security leaders are still supporting terrorism and religious discrimination.
Many people believe that president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi is supporting Christians in Egypt, but they ignored citizenship and equality in rights, especially freedom of worship. Racism indeed distorts the reputation of Egypt abroad. Such sectarian incidents should lead Copts abroad to stop supporting Egypt abroad since they see their families humiliated and insulted by fanatics and policemen as well.
Will Christians need permissions to pray inside their homes and inside the churches just like they needed permissions to build churches? 
How long will the Copts suffer from the Salafist and Wahhabism widespread within the joints of the Egyptian state? The government has to act seriously to such corruption within institutions and minds. Officials who support such terrorism should be punished and stand trial before military courts.