• 13:51
  • Friday ,24 June 2016

"Church" in "Ramadan"

Dr. Awad Shafik

Article Of The Day


Friday ,24 June 2016

We heard last week Egyptian people demonstrating and shouting: “We will destroy the church… We don’t need a church in an Islamic country”.

This was a sample of what was said by Egyptian people in village of Amiriyah against the Copts in June 17, 2016. This came after rumors spread about turning an under construction building to a church.
The same scenario repeated itself just like every attack of that kind. However, the Copts are still waiting for the unified law of building houses of worship. Politicians are denying the problem and claiming that Copts are not minorities in Egypt.
In fact, this is the right of the Copts that the government and courts should grant. This is indeed a matter of human rights.