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  • Friday ,24 June 2016

Coptic pay the price

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Saturday ,25 June 2016

Coptic pay the price

Copts in Egypt always pay the price of being Egyptian citizen. In the coming next week Egypt celebrate the June 30 anniversary and while Egypt celebrate, Copts still suffer from the consequences of the June 30 revolution. 

Until now the Coptic churches still burned and not restored. Coptic still suffer from discrimination and persecution. Although the president Sisi promises, Coptic still fell no change in any of the issues they were suffering from before. 
From the Coptic lady that has been stripped by Muslims until the priest who killed yesterday, Coptic still suffer and can't find any way to end their suffering. 
Unfortunately, politician don't work in solving any problem but on contrary, they are searching for what they can get for themselves.  
All political tools that any one or group might resort to solve their problems are almost stalled and not working. 
In conclusion, I want to emphasis that all politician in Egypt are just using coptics to achieve their purpose and after that coptics pay the price.