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  • Monday ,27 June 2016

Redefinition ...Part II

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,27 June 2016

Redefinition ...Part II

Last week I redefined the word “Army” and demonstrated how the definition goes back to the word ARM your primary elementary means of defence you were born with! And to those who try to break apart your trust and confidence to your Egyptian Army are trying to cut off the country's Arm to be defenceless!

Obviously you defend your country from exterior attacks in other terms Invaders but is this all the danger an Egyptian citizen exposed to? Well thanks to Ramadan and its generosity  with soaps mainly Mohamed Ramadan soap this guy inspiring youth the meaning of being a man leading inspiration for youth under construction!
90% of the soaps TV broadcasts involves POLICE for the next 30 days starting from June 6th 2016! But why Police? This is an old old story starts with the 23rd. July Revolution!
Police was always there and created to honour and protect Royals and Nobel of the royal families then as revolutions did quick out royals its primary duty become to honour and protect commons of the people, however the 23rd July 1952 revolution wan by Army Men the power was with them they ruled the country and obviously people loved them  and they loved each other so Army men took the lead in all aspects of life, they endangered their live to protect the country they deserved the leading salaries but hey, police officers and men suffer as well in the heat of the sun summer days and cold of the night winter nights however their biggest mistake was being in charge of prisons! The prisons that included detained prisoners for crimes, as well as prisoners their only crime was scaring the system or the authorities and detained them without a real crime!
Ex-president R.I.P. Nasser knew Egyptians were protected not by Pope Kurolous but by Pope's Kurolous own Protector Jesus who blessed Egypt! BUT He could not gamble and let Egypt under the mercy of Hassan El Banna followers neither fight them with Atheists or Communists! Therefore he detained them and police reputation gone from bad to worst, and corrupted officers took the police forces to the top of bad reputation!
But is that the end? Should we leave police forces in their corruption?
Is corruption a police disease or a virus spreading all around you? Not just in Egypt but worldwide! When doctors fail to cure your cancer they will never admit they did fail they will accuse the cigarettes you smoke and if you are not a smoker you did in hail smokers smoke that killed you when they need a body part to replace your liver or tongue they will buy it for you from assassins that are not killers or killing for your body parts they are just pure innocent merchants they did found a corpse this can not be corruption nor the guy that stole your land when your father died or the one that planted marijuana in it he did it for medical purposes not for drug trafficking and so on  nothing is corruption but police officers that in Ramadan with its sops generosity 90% of them are thugs drugs and the main reason to curse police forces!   
All corruption reasons are not made in Egypt or specially made for local consumption in Egypt but Egyptians love to oversee anything not in Egypt so that they can keep criticising authorities that they did nothing for their miseries!
However I'm confident that the blessing God gave to Egypt and Egyptian will reset them to the right course of life may the Lord's peace be upon you ALL!