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  • Tuesday ,05 July 2016

The expected divorce between Britain and the EU

Abram Makar

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Tuesday ,05 July 2016

The expected divorce between Britain and the EU

In November 27, 1967, the French President "Charles de Gaulle" delivered a speech in the Elysee Palace. In his speech, De Gaulle described the relationship between Britain and the rest of the European countries by saying that Britain has a deep-rooted hatred to the European entities. This should explain the result of the recent referendum in Britain.

The British people decided to withdraw from the European Union and lose many economic benefits of the EU. They took the decision despite the tremendous diplomatic and international pressure on the British people before the referendum. Obama and Angela Merkel tried to prevent that, but in vain.
The history proves that the British do not appreciate their European identity. Even when they joined the EU, they refused to participate in a unified visa system, a unified currency and maintained the authority of the Bank of England.
In the eighties of the last century, Margaret Thatcher, the British prime minister at the time, refused to grant Brussels, the European Commission headquarters, any central authorities to form what was known as the "United States of Europe".
The British people suffered from the influx of immigrants thanks to the lack of controls on immigration in the EU. This led to the divorce between Britain and the EU. Such divorce may lead other European Countries to leave the EU leading the Union to collapse.