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  • Wednesday ,06 July 2016

A message to the president

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,06 July 2016

A message to the president

I would like to congratulate the president on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr and to express my admiration to his wisdom and achievements that stems from his pure Egyptian character.

Mr. President, I know that you have already many problems in your office that you face with much patience and many achievements. However, you should worry when you find the Egyptians divided.
In fact, the Egyptians face many conspiracies, but they fail as they face the brave Egyptian police and armed forces. Yet, the most effective weapon that enemies of the nation have is the sectarian strife.
The Coptic Christians suffered after the revolution of June 30 from burning their churches, murder and forced displacement. Yet, their love for Egypt overcame their suffering and their personal interests.    
However, those enemies kept using this weapon supported by the Salafies. More Copts were displaced and killed, and their possessions were seized and destroyed. A Coptic old lady was stripped off in the streets for the first time in history. This had impact on several Copts in Egypt and abroad.
The real problem is that officials in police and local administrative units have not changed their sectarian mind. They also refuse to use law to prevent such chaos. 
Therefore, the sedition is increasing and destructive. Many Copts can’t enjoy the right of citizenship. Any Copt tries to build a house in a village is accused of committing the crime of building a church! A gang of fanatics appears suddenly following calls to protect the nation from such great danger! They may also decide to punish all Copts in the village by attacking their properties. Police supports the fanatics and may arrest some Copts to reassure they are not going to build a church in their homeland! It’s amazing that those fanatics never refused having a place to smoke drugs for instance!
Sectarian incidents are endless and for no good reason. A rumor about a romantic relationship between Muslim woman and Christian man is more than enough to ignite the situation. Citizenship and human rights are violated in our country that seeks development.  Christians as seeking equality in their nation. Once again I congratulate you and the homeland on the feast. Long live Egypt.