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  • Monday ,11 July 2016

Eid Mubarak

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,11 July 2016

Eid Mubarak
Finally Ramadan is over and “Eid Mubarak” is meant a blessed feast but I do not mind is some of you think I mean “Hasny Mubarak feast” may be his birthday or the day he become president or what so ever! Any way I'm glad for the feast like all Egyptians it is a national occasion to celebrate, though lots of sets back where in the course of this 3 days feast but the worst of all was the 30 days excess generousness non stop adds within the endless Ramadan Soaps! Just 3 soaps one after the other I've seen then in 6 hours being repeated 3 times including the adds, the length of any episode would not exceed 30 min that is watching time equals 150 minutes add to them as much ads time that is within 3 whole hours starting at 11 pm by 2am I'm done, hell no way the episode started delayed 25 minutes that is adds over time they were more than 30 minutes adding 5 more minutes here and 10 there would end up to more than 25 minutes delay the soaps I was supposed to see them until 2am would not be done by the end of Ramadan before 4.30 am! Great business for advertisers and the TV supporting the ad, the advertising agency would collect in advance the full ad cost plus their markup regardless of the income this ad generated if the advertiser wants to air his ad 10 time within 30 minutes that is as an agency I'll collect it 10 times! But is it Worthing? I'm not going to make this article a lesson in advertising I'll just describe the frustration of a viewer having to watch those ads at sleeping time trying to remain awake till the end of this damn episode! You can imagine now my joy not just for the feast but as well the end of those episodes the end of the agony to finish those endless ads and my determination no to watch any more soaps at the time being until I forget those ads! Needless to say I'm not going to buy any of those products they were advertising! I rest my case wishing all Egyptians a blessed Joyful feast my God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be upon all of you!