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  • Friday ,15 July 2016

What Copts are ashamed to mention


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Friday ,15 July 2016

What Copts are ashamed to mention

Egyptian Christians were not at their best before January 2011 revolution. They only had second degree citizenship. The Mubarak regime tried to change such feeling in vain. The Western countries headed by America are trying to pressure on other countries in case they need it. The Copts are not appointed as head of public universities though many of them deserve such position. Furthermore, police allow fanatics to attack them.

Many people tried to invest such cases abroad; however, the majority of Christens in Egypt refuse such interference. In fact, Mubarak regime could have fixed many problems with few decisions and actions. Yet, it decided not to, which made the Coptic Christians think this regime was responsible for the implementation of the bombing at the Saints Church in Alexandria. It was such a strange accusation that was denied later and proven to be not true. 
I decided to write this article after I read many comments on Facebook about the recent sectarian attacks against Coptic Christians. Most of them said that the current regime in Egypt decided to let the Copts face their destiny on their own ignoring the law and citizenship as well.  They also said that the state allied with the Salafis.
This comes after Christians have offered many sacrifices including burnt churches and the soldiers who were killed during the war against terrorism.
The problem is that the state is not willing to do her job in saving those honorable citizens who did everything to prove their loyalty to their country.
 Copts have many questions concerning the officials who cooperate with the terrorists against them and about their lost citizenship rights. The Coptic church is also receiving many questions by its congregation, just like the president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi is receiving similar questions that are hard to be answered indeed.