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  • Friday ,15 July 2016

People of France, we are with you

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,17 July 2016

People of France, we are with you

I want to introduce my condolence and my sympathy to the French people after the horrible terrorist attack happened on Thursday. 

Yesterday I followed the news of the truck that killed over 84 innocent people and injured over 100 persons. It was horrible attack with all meaning. I was watching the innocent people running everywhere and trying to escape from that insane person who was driving the truck and was trying to kill as much as he can.
In fact, we can assure that France was the most European country was suffering from terrorism lately and there is no doubt that because France has over 10 Million Muslims, there is much possibility to find a lot of Muslims sympathize with Isis and it’s easy for Isis to attract many followers.
There is no doubt also that Europe Since the war against Iraq in 2003 was suffering from what we call Islamic radicalism. This Islamic Radicalism represents a big problem for Europe. Unfortunately, Europe attracted many Muslims and that helped to devote more hatred against the European.
Now we can assure that When British people voted against being in EU last week, they were right and I’m sure that a lot of nations in European Union will call for separation from EU.
In Conclusion, I want to assure that there is much difference between being tolerant with others and being tolerant with other that they are ready to kill you any time with any price. I believe that Europe needs to control what I Can call Islamic wave toward Europe because this is going to lead not only changeing the demographic of the Europe itself but also will make it less safe for everyone.