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  • Monday ,18 July 2016

Nasser's Ambitions

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,18 July 2016

Nasser's Ambitions

Another day another issue, well it was, it was until the Pastille Day (French Revolution Anniversary) turned to become a massacre day in the beautiful French NICE over 70 human being killed not to talk of the seriously blessed ones among the hundred blessed, TERRORISM Found again and again its way on the French grounds like if it has become his way to terrorise Europe!

As a human being I can not close my eyes on the loss of innocent lives their only mistake was celebrating a national occasion!
Now Back to my issue that I did fail time after time to explain it to my neighbour as he could only see it as an achievement of ex-president -RIP- Jamal Abdel Nasser but I was counting it as a fatal mistake until Osama Kamal   clarified to me the reasons I did fail with my neighbour; in fact Nasser strategic views and needs were right he -Nasser- helped them to liberate from their occupants French, British, Italian, Spanish whomever and stand back on their own feet and expected their support to supply him with his own needs, oil, gold, water, coal what so ever needs he had but mean time he could not declare his needs so that those needs would not be the target of his enemies to bring him down! 
The more neighbours he helped, the more enemies he gained, his needs were justifiable in his own inner agenda but mean time he had to keep them secret even from the people he helped it could revert their loyalty to see it as exploit and think of it a new type of occupation in brief Nasser was traped between his needs his support to others hoping to cover those needs and his increasing needs due to that support so he had to find an exit from that trap creating entities under different nominations to support those needs for instance the Islamic invasions to north of Africa hopping to invade the whole of the Mediterenian sea countries to claim it the Islamic sea but it fail and the Mediterenian sea remain as is, the important thing here is the invaders never claimed to be Arabs it was just a religious invasion to spread Islamic Religion, however Nasser introduced the word Arab, arabic and later on United Arab Repablic as a new nomination for Egypt why? He needed the Saudi Arabia support and oil!
He kept the nomination “United Arab Republic” even after Sirya declared its separetion from the Unity and ex-president -RIP- droped it after his death -Nasser death- and returned to Egypt its name as the Arab Repablic of Egypt as it was too late to remove the word “Arab” from our daily dictionary with the introduction of the Arab Countries Council and its building in the most vital place in Cairo! And this Arab was not the only nomination Nasser introduced there was the AFRICAN Countries and Unity of Africans and Libaration of Africa and many more all that for the support of Nigeria and Ivory Cost, Somal and Ethioupia we needed their water for the Nile and the coal and Gold of the other countries!
I hope this simplified view shows why Nasser got so many enemies that tried to eradicate him on June 5th 1967! If it wasn't for God's blessings to Egypt and Egyptians, Nasser would had GONE leaving behind a verydark spot in Egypt's history!
Once again thanks to those blessing Sadat could libarate Sinai another holly spot where God gave his 10 comandments to Mosses!
I rest my cause at this point as a new event forced its existence in today's Article, that is the Turk Army failed attempt revolt and here I wish to tell Turkish people why our Army succeeded in his revoltion, while the Turkish army did fail? That is because Egyptians were united with their Army and police and become one undefeted power!
Turk if you wish to change you need to be ONE with your Army and Police not several fighting entities, inclouding the people some support the army and others the government and others the police so NO CHANGE for now until you get united!
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be with you ALL!