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  • Thursday ,21 July 2016

Amazing silence of Pope Tawadros

Ashraf Dous

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Thursday ,21 July 2016

Amazing silence of Pope Tawadros
It’s amazing that Pope Tawadros issued a statement to denounce the recent terrorist attack at France. Yet, he has issued no statement to denounce that sectarian attack against Copts in Minya under the auspices of police. It’s even more amazing that he attended the graduation ceremony at Police academy.
I know that people of your congregation were killed and your churches were attacked. Your reaction is recorded for your just like it was recorded for Pope Shenouda who would have different reaction.
I don’t want to compare between both of you because you both have different kind of reaction and management.
I want to tell the Copts who don’t like criticizing the Pope that he is a human being that may commit mistakes. This is much better than flattering and hypocrisy. When will the Pope comment on the recent sectarian attacks? Why he is too late?