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  • Tuesday ,26 July 2016
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They are Egyptian villages, not US states

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,26 July 2016

They are Egyptian villages, not US states

By this title I renounce the conspirators against the homeland who exaggerate the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt before the international community. For example, Magdy Khalil, Coptic activist living in America, called to demonstrate in America before the White House to denounce the violations against Copts in Egypt after several sectarian attacks in Minya. He is trying to ask a sectarian country to help people suffering from sectarian discrimination. 

It is quite clear that neither Washington nor the White House has the right to interfere in such Egyptian matter since they are Egyptian villages, not US states. Those Copts have a reliable president living in Cairo, not Washington!
It is also clear that the incidents of these villages are individual incidents aiming to incite sectarian strife in Egypt just like President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi said several times. 
The attacks came at one governorate. Yet, it would have spread in several governorates if it was supported by the government just like it was under the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood. 
The Salafists in Minya use the religious illiteracy of the majority of the Egyptian people to incite hatred against Christians. The naïve Muslims get crazy if they hear about a new church in their village. The angry mobs start attacking houses of the Copts. Police and many officials neglect the incidents supported by their sectarian hatred and let the Copts face their destiny. This is not based on orders of the government, but as I said due to the sectarian hatred of the officials. In fact, accusing the government of leading such sectarian attacks only helps achieving the goals of the conspirators.
On July 21, 2016, President al-Sisi said that we must be wary of all attempts to incite sedition among the Egyptians. The Egyptian citizens have equal rights and duties. People should be equal before the court of law.
The president has taken steps to solve the problem and formed a fact finding committee of the Parliament to investigate the matter. In fact, the president is facing unlimited challenges by those who support the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization. 
The big problem is that the Copts accept reconciliation with the fanatics and to waive legal claims since they receive no support by civil society institutions. I advise the Copts to stop listening to conspirators in foreign countries and start working to develop their country. Long live Egypt.