• 08:14
  • Thursday ,28 July 2016


Ashraf Dous

Article Of The Day


Thursday ,28 July 2016

Assassination attempt of President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi during his participation in the Arab summit in Nouakchott conference was not the first one. There were several previous attempts after the overthrown of Mohamed Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood. A car was bombed and prepared to be detonated remotely by a mobile phone, but the guards discovered the plan and nullified it. Moreover,  it was repeated couple of weeks later.
There are several assassination attempts that were not revealed to the public by terrorist organizations supported by international organizations that are angry that Egypt aborted their plans to spread chaos in the region. They hate that Egypt is restoring its prominent role in the region, and that they lost the golden chance to rule Egypt. 
They are traitors and killers, but God will protect Egypt and its president. I trust that God is protecting the president against all evil schemes of the terrorist organization.  The Egyptian people and the Egyptian army could prevent the terrorist plan to destroy the country and the religion.
Egypt has many men who are able to defend its land. The president is one o those men who extremely love their country, and therefore, the people extremely love him. 
May God protect the president and stop the evil plan of his enemies. They may believe that they are doing well for Egypt, but indeed they are doing evil and spreading corruption and chaos. Therefore, they are cursed and long live Egypt.