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  • Friday ,09 September 2016

Commemoration of Lev Tolstoy

Dr. Ahmed Al-Khamisi

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Friday ,09 September 2016

Commemoration of Lev Tolstoy

On September 9th, the cultural circles all over the world celebrate the commemoration of the birth of the great Russian writer Lev Tolstoy (1828-1910). Tolstoy was able to achieve great fame as thinker, philosopher and social reformer. He led many battles against wealth and feudalism and even the church. Despite his faith, he refused human mediation between man and God, and was punished by the church.

He distributed his wealth on the poor, which caused many disputes between him and his wife.
He was known all over the world for his great novels "Anna Karinena" and "War and Peace". Yet, he has many other writings including stories and novels. His book about Prophet Mohammed proves his idea that belief should unite the people no matter what is their religion. He embraced the same idea in his messages to Imam Mohamed Abdu.
This humanitarian novelist dedicated his life for the poor. He established a school to teach the poor for free. He said that the poor uneducated children surprise him for thei talents.
He called for peaceful struggle, which affected many movements and people in his time including Ghandhi. He also believed that art and literature should be able to connect people all over the world.